1) He ________ there when he was a child. a) has lived b) lived c) have lived 2) I ________ her since last year. a) hasn't seen b) haven't seen c) didn't see 3) They ________ a few minutes ago. a) left b) leaved c) have left 4) She ________ unemployed since she left school. a) hasn't been b) haven't been c) wasn't 5) The film ________ yet. a) didn't start b) hasn't started c) hasn't start 6) ________ to Rome? a) Ever have you gone b) Did you ever go c) Have you ever been 7) Nobody ________ the phone when it rang. a) answered b) has answered c) have answered 8) The last time I saw Fran ________ 6 weeks ago. a) has been b) was c) have been 9) She hasn't ________ swimming for ages. a) been b) be c) gone 10) I ________ my dog for a walk today but we can go in the evening. a) haven't took b) didn't take c) haven't taken 11) Connie hasn't cooked dinner ________. a) just b) since c) yet 12) Unfortunately, my family have ________ seen the Queen. a) already b) never c) just 13) We have ________ bought a new car. I love it! a) just b) yet c) already 14) Has he ________ made pizza at home? a) never b) ever c) just 15) I have been married ________ 2010. a) for b) from c) since 16) We have lived in Modena ________ 4 and a half years. a) since b) for c) from 17) Look! He has ________ broken his arm! a) just b) already c) never 18) Have you finished your homework ________? a) just b) already c) yet 19) The school ________ in 1964. a) opened b) has been open c) was open 20) I ________ in England 5 years ago. a) have never worked b) worked c) have worked 21) Julia and Harrison ________ 2 books together a) have wrote b) have written c) wrote 22) We ________ on holiday last summer. a) haven't gone b) haven't been c) didn't go




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