+1,Go Again!, The man has a hat. , The cat has the cap. , Tim can bat at Pam., The cat bit the bug., Lose your points, Tam bit the ham., Tim did win the big pig. , Lose your points, Jim is mad at Kim. , The cop hid the kit., Dan had a hotdog., The pig, Pat, is in the pan. , + 1, Go Again! , The pig is in the bag., The big dog sat on the hog., The pot is not hot. , +1,Go Again!, The fat rat sat on the red bed. , The cat ran to Tim's lap., "Tim is my pal!" said Ben. , Lose your points, Jan's cat was not big. , Dad got on the bus., It is fun to run and hop., +1,Go Again!, The jet is big and red! , Get the hen in the pen. , Lose your points, Can the cat beg for the ham?, Tim did pet the red dog. , The dog got wet in the mud. , + 1, Go Again! , Yes, Jed is ten and Pam is six., Ed set the pup on the bed. , The hen fed the pig. , Lose your points, Sam sat on the bin. , Ted sat in the big cab., Dad did nod at the dog. , Bob is mad at the lad. , +1,Go Again!, The dog did wag. , The pig had a wig. , Lose your points, The yak did run at the hog., The dog can yip and yap at the cat. , + 1, Go Again! , Zig-Zag is a red pig., + 1, Go Again! , Pam got a map and a van., Yes, the dog can be fun! , The pet got wet in the pit. , Walk the Dog +3 points, Cute Puppy +2 points, Happy Dog +3 points, A bone for the dog +2 points, Tom got his backpack from the bus., The man has a laptop. , Jan will get a suntan in the sun. , The bug did sit on a cobweb..


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