A seizure is a sudden ____ of normal brain activity, which may cause ____, unusualmovements, odd feelings, changed ____ or impaired consciousness Epilepsy is a common ____ of the brain in which a person tends to have recurrent____ seizures. Many people think the word ‘seizure’ meansa ____, where someone becomes unconscious and falls, with ____ andjerking. However, this is just one type of seizure, called a ____ seizure(previously known as grand mal). Only part of the brain is affected during a ____ seizure. The signs and symptoms willdepend on which part of the brain the seizure occurs, and which body ____ arecontrolled by that part of the brain. The cause of epilepsy varies by the ____, and is not always known. In fact, up to half ofpeople with epilepsy don’t know the ____ of their condition Seizures may appear to be ____ by ____ such as lack of sleep or significantstress. ____ is the main type of treatment for epilepsy with up to 70% of people ____seizure control with the right medication Surgery is not ____ to be a substitute for medication – it’s usually investigated as atreatment ____ when medication ____ to prevent seizures, especially for people withfocal onset seizures. The vagus nerve stimulator is a pacemaker-like device that is implanted ____ thechest muscle on the ____ side of the chest. The ____-fat, low-carbohydrate and ____-protein diet creates ____when the body burns fat for a source of energy.




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