Zoe is the youngest of the three ____ in her family. Sometimes her two older sisters called her 'baby Zoe. 'I'm not a baby,' Zoe said. 'I'm ten now!' Last Sunday Zoe's family had a great day. They ____ to the forest, went for a very ____ walk and had a picnic. Then Zoe's dad read his book, her mother went to sleep and her sisters sat and talked. Zoe climbed to the top of a tall tree. From the top of the tree, Zoe could see lots of big, black ____ above the mountains. 'Oh no!' she thought. 'Rain! She climbed down the tree and ran to tell her family. 'Quickly! Come on! Back to the car!' When they all jumped up and started to put the ____ and bowls back in the picnic bag, Zoe smiled. 'I'm not a baby. I'm talking like a grown-up and they're all ____ to me!' she thought.


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