1) Where is the coldest place in the world? a) Russia b) Antarctica c) The Arctic 2) Which is the biggest hot desert in the world? a) The Gobi Desert b) The Calahari Desert c) The Sahara Desert 3) In some places it rains very little. Where is the dryest place in the world? a) Chile b) Egypt c) China 4) The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest. But where is it? a) the Andes b) the Himalayas c) the Alps 5) Many cities have millions of people. Which is the most crowded in the world? a) Mexico City b) Shanghai c) Tokyo 6) Which counrty has the most lakes in the world? a) Canada b) China c) the USA 7) Where can you find the most danerous spider in the world? a) South America b) Europe c) Africa 8) The deepest point under the sea is in the Pacific Ocean. But how deep is it? a) 4.200 metres b) 7.508 metres c) 10.911 metres 9) The longest river in the world is 6.695 km long. But which river is it? a) The Amazon, South America b) The Chang Jiang (Yangtze), China c) The Nile, Africa 10) In some countries it rains a lot! Where is the wettest place in the world? a) Ireland b) India c) Brazil


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