1) break into pieces or parts a) finish off b) fall apart c) fall out d) fool around 2) fall to the floor because it is damaged a) fall in b) fire up c) figure out d) fall over 3) to become detached from whatever it is attached on a) figure out b) fit together c) fall out d) fall apart 4) fall to the ground a) fill up b) figure out c) fall over d) finish off 5) stop someone or something from attacking you a) fall in b) find out c) fight off d) fool around 6) find a solution to a problem a) figure out b) find out c) fall out d) finish off 7) to complete a form with your information a) fall out b) fire up c) fill out d) finish off 8) make something full a) find out b) fix up c) figure out d) fill up 9) discover a fact or information a) find out b) fight off c) fit together d) finish off 10) to complete something a) finish off b) fill out c) focus on d) fit together 11) to create enthusiasm or excitement a) fire up b) figure out c) fall in d) fit together 12) to connect pieces that go together a) fix up b) fill out c) fall out d) fit together 13) to repair something a) fall out b) fill up c) fix up d) focus on 14) give all your attention to something a) fire up b) focus on c) fall in d) fix up 15) having fun by joking a) fool around b) finish off c) fall over d) focus on




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