pack up - to put things into boxes or bags before moving, pass away - to die, pass around - pass something from person to person in a group, pass out - to lose consciousness all of a sudden, pass over - not to receive the promotion that was expected, patch up - to fix something quickly so it can be used until it's repaired, pay back - return money that you borrowed, pay off - pay something completely, pick out - choose or select something, pick up - get something from the ground, play around - to waste time by being silly or stupid, pull down - to destroy a building or structure because it is old, pull over - move over to the side of the road and stop., put aside - to save or reserve something, like time, money, put off - change the time it's meant to happen to a later time or date, put out - to stop something from burning, put up - to increase something, such as the price, cost or value,

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