1. It’s too expensive to telephone abroad, but we can always ____ . 2 If you follow my blog, you’ll get an email every time I post something new. 3 You need to ____ your ____, the information on there is really old. 4 One of the best things about Twitter is how easy it is to ____ to other websites. 5 I ____ in the discussion group, but no one has replied. 6 Do you use ____ such as Facebook? 7 I can’t answer the phone while I’m driving. ____ me a ____ and I’ll read it when I get home. 8 How many times a day do you ____ your ____ ? 9 You should ____ a ____ about your trip round South America. 10 If the office phone isn’t working, you’ll need to ____ your mobile . 11 Do you often use a ____ , like YouTube? 12 I should be working, but instead I spend hours ____ .


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