1) I'll ... my best to pass the exam. a) make b) do 2) I don't have time to ... cooking so I often order food. a) make b) do 3) Most of all I hate ... the dishes. a) making b) doing 4) My mother always ... cakes by herself for my birthdays. a) made b) did 5) ... fitness gives you energy. a) Making b) Doing 6) During my last holiday I ... friends with a few foreigners and we stay in touch with them. a) made b) did 7) I'm ... a course in General English. a) making b) doing 8) I've ... a compulsive purchase and I really regret it. a) made b) done 9) The hurricane ... heavy damage to the region. a) made b) did 10) I don't want to go to the party, so I've decided to ... an excuse saying I have a lot of work to do. a) make b) do 11) Next week I'm ... a speech in front of the staff, so I feel a bit anxious. a) making b) doing 12) I've ... a terrible mistake buying this model of washmachine. a) made b) did 13) I've ... a promise to my friend to have a look at her cat while she's away. a) made b) did 14) We have to ... the decision about the project and inform out client of it asap. a) make b) do 15) It takes women a lot of money to ... nails and hair regularly, but the result is always worth it. a) make b) do 16) Modern children ... sports more often than we used to. a) make b) do 17) We're having a family dinner tonight so I'm busy with ... a special dish. a) making b) doing 18) It's always difficult to ... a decision because you're always afraid to ... a mistake. a) make, do b) do, make c) make, make d) do, do 19) It's important to ... an appointment with your dentist regularly. a) make b) do 20) She likes ... to-do lists because completing them makes her happier. a) making b) doing




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