1) What to do when the phone rings? a) I would tell to mum or dad even if they are not around b) I would pick up the phone and say: "Hello" c) I would go shopping, as I have nothing to eat for lunch d) I would ignore it, it's easier 2) What to do if someone ask me: "What's the time?" a) I would say: "I don't know" and go away b) I would run away as fast as possible c) I would tell the time or say: "I'm sorry I have no idea" d) I would be upset that someone ask me for it 3) What to do if someone ask me: "Excuse me, where is toilet?" a) I would say: "Oh, there it is" or "Oh, sorry I have no idea where it is" b) I would just ignore the question c) I would not say anything because it's easier d) I would be panicking, because I don't know what to answer 4) What if someone said something and I didn't understand? a) I would pretend that I understand and I would smile all the time b) I would say: "Your t-shirt is very nice" c) I would say: "Sorry, say again please" d) I would not say anything, it's better 5) What to do if I don't know what to do? a) I would sit and wait until someone will tell me b) I would be very upset c) I would ask: "Could you tell me what to do?" d) I would be shy to ask for help 6) What to do if I need help? a) I would ask or call to someone who is kind: "Please help me" b) I would be shy to ask for help, so I would just give up c) I would ask stranger, maybe he would help me d) I would sit and cry

What would you do in the social situations? 👫🤔




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