Do you have any brothers or sisters?, Tell me about your favourite room at home., Do you like large family parties? Why/Why not?, Do you like getting up early in the morning? Why/Why not?, How do you travel to work/school/college=?, When is your birthday? How do you like to celebrate it?, What's the most interesting thing you've ever studied?, How important is English in your work/studies?, What ambitions do you have for the future?, What sports did you enjoy when you were younger?, What do you do to keep fit in these days?, Do you try to eat healthy food? Why/Why not?, Did you have a particular hobby as a child?, Have your interests changed as you've got older?, Is there something you'd like to learn to do in the future?, Tell me about your last holiday., Do you like to travel on holiday or stay in one place? Why?, Where would you like to go on holiday in the future? Why?, Who are you most like in your family? (In what ways are you similar?), Do you go on holiday with your family? Why/Why not?, Have you done anything interesting with your friends recently? What did you do with them?, Tell me about a really good friend of yours. (Do you share the same interests?), Is there a sport or hobby you enjoy doing? (What do you do? Why do you like it?), Do you like reading? (What do you read? Why do you like it?), Have you seen a good film recently? (Tell me about it.), Have you got any plans for this weekend? (What are you going to do?), Are you going to go on holiday this year? (Where are you going to go?), Is there anything you'd like to study in the future? (Why?), Do you enjoy long journeys? (What do you do to pass the time?), Do you have to travel far every day? (Where do you have to go?), Do you prefer to travel by car or public transport? Why?, Tell us about an interesting place you've travelled to., What good memories do you have of school?, Have you ever had a part-time job? (What do/did you do? Do/Did you enjoy it?), Would you prefer to work for a big or small company? Why?, Do you prefer individual sports or team sports? Why?, Which is the most popular sport in your country? (Why do you think it's popular?), How much time do you spend listening to music? (What kind of music do you like?), Do you enjoy playing computer games in your free time? Why/Why not?.

B2 First Speaking part 1 - talk about yourself


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