1) How many times ____________________ (you/be) to New York? a) were you b) have you been c) has you been d) was you 2) Last July they _______________ (spend) their holidays in Rome. a) spend b) have spend c) spent d) have spent 3) His parents ______________ (be) here yesterday a) have been b) has been c) was d) were 4) They ______________ (go) to Germany when he _____________ (be) only 4. a) went, was b) have gone, was c) went, has been d) have gone, has been 5) _________ you ___________ (watch) any films last night? a) Have / watch b) Did / watch c) Did / watched d) Have / watched 6) I _________________ (have) a couple of toasts for breakfast this morning. a) had b) have c) has had d) has 7) I _____________ (not/see) you in class last Friday. a) haven't seen b) hasn't seen c) didn't saw d) didn't see 8) Annette ___________ (write) many books and she is writing another one now. a) wrote b) has written c) has wrote d) written 9) I _____________ (visit) him in hospital three times this month. a) have visited b) has visited c) visited d) visit 10) They still live in that town. They _____________ (live) there for ages. a) lived b) live c) has lived d) have lived 11) Fatima is from Ethiopia. She ___________ (never/see) snow. a) never saw b) has never seen c) never has seen d) have never seen

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