1) I remember _____________ in the river when I was 12. a) swimming b) to swim c) both are correct 2) I forgot ___________ the essay for Rober. a) writing b) to write c) both are correct 3) ______________ wear a mask before you go out. a) Remembering b) Remember to c) both are correct 4) Paul Mcartney goes on ________________ on stage. a) to perform b) performing c) both are correct 5) After making dinner, I went on _____________ the table. a) to set b) setting c) both are correct 6) I didn't mean_______________ you. Sorry... a) hurting b) to hurt c) both are correct 7) The quarantine means _______________ at home the most you can. a) to stay b) staying c) both are correct 8) I was walking in the woods when I stopped ______________ some flowers a) to cut b) cutting 9) I stopped ______________ in the office. It was stressful. a) to work b) working 10) Try ________________ that dress for the party! a) wearing b) to wear 11) Sorry to be late! I'll try ______________ on time next week. a) to be b) being

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