a country you’d like to visit in order to try the local food, something you aren’t very good at in spite of trying hard to get better at it, something you never do although you know it would be good for you, an app or YouTube channel you use for practising your English, something you do to relax at weekends, a technique you use so as to remember vocabulary in English, something you would like to buy even though you don’t really need it, something (apart from English) that you’d like to study so that you can get a good job, a place where you had a great holiday in spite of having bad weather (or other problems), a job you wouldn’t mind having even though the pay isn’t very good, a ‘white lie’ you’ve told so as not to offend a friend, something you do to improve your understanding of spoken English, a restaurant you’d recommend for a great night out with friends, something you wear from time to time although it’s not very comfortable, something you used to do when you were younger so that you would look older, things you do to keep reasonably fit and healthy.

9A Communication (clauses of contrast and purpose)


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