I don't believe it! I've broken Sam's laptop! - Oh, no! He'll/He won't be really angry!, Marc's going to see a film in English tonight. - He'll/He won't understand anything., There's a new drinks machine in the office. - The coffee will/won't be very good., The teacher isn't going to be here tomorrow. - Great! So we'll/ we won't have a test! , My brother's going to sell his car. - He'll/He won't get much money for it. It's very old., I've started going swimming every day. - That's good. You'll/You won't feel much healthier., Esther's going to buy another mobile phone. - She'll/She won't lose it just like the other two., My daughter has a degree in IT. - She'll/She won't get a good job, I'm sure., My new coat was really expensive! - Yes, but it'll/it won't last a long time., The meeting starts at 2.30. - Yes, and I'm sure it'll/it won't be very boring., I'm taking my driving test tomorrow. - Don't worry. You'll/You won't pass easily., We're going to Brazil next month. - Lucky you! You'll/You won't love the people and the scenery.,




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