1) ___I do my boss always finds something wrong with it. a) whatever b) whichever c) however 2) ___ I see Naila she's always in a good mood. a) whatever b) whenever c) wherever 3) ___ broke the window must come and see me after school. a) whichever b) whatever c) whoever 4) I'm lucky. I never put on weight ___ much I eat. a) however b) whatever c) whenever 5) We've decided that we are going to go ___ happens. a) whichever b) whenever c) whatever 6) In Thailand people were really friendly to us ___ we went. a) wherever b) whenever c) whoever 7) ___ I go to New York on business I always try to see a show on Broadway. a) however b) whenever c) wherever 8) I never seem to get better at tennis ___ much I practise. a) however b) whatever c) whichever 9) I like both cakes, so you have ___ one you want and I'll have the other one. a) whatever b) whichever c) whenever 10) ___ said 'It's better to be poor, but happy' was wrong! a) whichever b) whenever c) whoever 11) We could fly or get the train to Prague, ___ is quicker. a) however b) whichever c) whatever 12) I'm sure the police will find the murderer, ___ he's hiding. a) wherever b) however c) whenever

9A Mini Grammar (whatever, whenever, etc.)


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