1) Now, let's talk about birthdays: when is your birthday? / what do you do on your birthday? Tell me about a present you got for your last birthday. 2) Now, let's talk about the evenings: What do you do in the evenings with your friends? Where do you usually go in the evening? Tell me about what you do with your family in the evening. 3) Now, let’s talk about animals: What is your favorite animal? / Tell me something about cats. 4) Now, let’s talk about your house: Do you live in a house or a flat? / How many rooms are there in your flat? / tell me about your bedroom. 5) Now, let’s talk about your day: What time do you usually wake up on Mondays? / What do you usually do on Sunday afternoons? / tell me about your Saturday morning. 6) Now, let’s talk about different days of the week: What do yo do on Tuesdays? How many lessons do you have on Friday? Tell me about your Sunday evening with your family. 7) Now, let’s talk about what you do after school: Where do you usually go after school? / Who picks you up at the school? Tell me about your homework 8) Now, let’s talk about films: How often do you go to the movies? Who do you go to the movies with? Tell me something about your favourite movie. 9) Now, let's talk about holidays: Where do you usually go on holidays? What do you like doing on holidays? Tell me about your last holiday. 10) Now, let's talk about your family: How many people are there in your family? What do you usually do with your parents? Tell me about a game you like playing with your family.   11) Now, let's talk about your best friend:  What is your best friend's name? How old is he/she? / Tell me about what you like doing with your best friend. 12) Now, let's talk about food: What is your favourite food? What did you eat yesterday? Tell me about the food you eat for breakfast. 13) Now, let's talk about sports: How often do you do sports at school? / Which sports can't you do? Tell me about your favorite sport.


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