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Alice was studying for many hours and was feeling [tired]. She didn't understand much of her Math problems and she felt [lost], because she couldn't do any of the homework. She was very [sad] and started [sobbing]. When her dad came in to help her, she told him she was really [angry] at Mrs. Truchbull, her teacher. The lesson was very dull and she always felt [bored] and then she couldn't understand a thing! She and her father talked about it and she felt much better after that. The next day Mrs. Trunchbull gave them a test! When Alice saw the test she was dreadfully [frightened]! She was so scared that she started having a stomachache and feeling [sick]! Yet, she stayed calm and focused and got an A! Mrs. Trunchbull gave the class lots of chocolate because she was very [happy] with them. Alice was so [excited] that she dropped the chocolate from jumping! Oops!.

Alice and Math!


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