1) This time in six months I'll be at university _______ I decide to take a year off first.  a) unless b) if 2) We'd better leave early tomorrow _______ there's a lot of traffic when we get to Doncaster.  a) unless b) in case 3) You can watch the film _______ you promise to go straight to bed when it finishes.  a) as long as b) in case 4) Let's go to Mirabella's tonight _______ you haven't been there before.  a) unless b) if 5) _______ I've still got my health, I don't mind how poor I am!  a) Unless b) So long as 6) You'd better take a sweater with you now _______ it gets cold tonight.  a) if b) in case 7) Do what you like _______ you don't make any noise.  a) provided b) unless 8) I'm not going to worry _______ she hasn't called by midnight.  a) unless b) as long as

DB2.9 D Cond Choose the correct word or phrase.




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