CLAIM: A very simple sentence that directly answers a question or states a position, It's better to listen to music while you study than to not listen to music., The 1920s was the most interesting decade in American history., Contains an opinion., People who speak out against the government should not be imprisoned., We should get a class frog., EVIDENCE: factual information that anyone could see if they were viewing the source, Classical music has been proven to help people focus., It was full of bootleggers, new music and art, and gangsters., Does not contain an opinion., Being able to speak out against the government is a sign that the people are free., Frogs only need a little bit of food and have big eyes., REASONING: Why the given evidence matters, Better focusing means more effective studying., Bootleggers, new music and art, and gangsters means lots of drama and interesting stories., Connects the facts with the opinion., Freedom is important and healthy in a society., Therefore, they are easy to take care of and cute.,

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