1) I’m Allison. I’m Australian. I’m about 18. I’ve got medium-length, blond, wavy hair and blue eyes. I’m very tall and fashionable. Who am I? a) b) c) 2) I’m Ella. I’m Scottish. I’m about 25. I’m thin and I’ve got medium-length, red, straight hair. I love them so much! Plus, I love my bob. I’ve got brown eyes but…I wear glasses. Who am I? a) b) c) 3) I’m Ana and I’m a grandma. I’m in my 70s. I’ve got short, white hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses but my nose is too small for them. Who am I? a) b) c) 4) I’m Trisha, I’m very tall. I’ve got very short, dark, straight hair. My eyes are small and brown. I love my freckles. Who am I? a) b) c) 5) I’m Cole. I’ve got short, brown hair and small, green eyes. I’ve no beard, I hate it! Oh yes, I’ve got freckles, like my girlfriend. I also wear glasses. Who am I? a) b) c) 6) I’m Tonino, I’m about…uhm let’s just say I’m old! I’m quite short. I’ve got few, short, white hair. I’m short and plump. I wear glasses because I’m a mole! Who am I? a) b) c) 7) I’m Zoe and I’m 32. I’m South African, but my mum is German. So I’ve got dark skin but long, blond, straight hair. I love my hair, I can do the best plaits ever! My mum always says I’m beautiful, but I’m not sure. Who am I? a) b) c) 8) I’m Dylan, I’m the most popular at school, you know! I’m tall and well-built, I’ve got short, dark brown, straight hair and brilliant hazel eyes. I’ve got a beard. Who am I? a) b) c) 9) I’m Chandra. I’m Indian, this explains my red dot. I’m about 20. I’m of average height. I’ve got very long, brown, straight hair and hazel eyes. I really love my pigtails! Who am I? a) b) c) 10) I’m Noah, I’m 27. I’m good-looking, ok I can say it. I’ve got small, brown eyes. I’m bald, I’ve got a long, pretty face. Who am I? a) b) c) 11) I’m Freja, I’m about 30. I’m tall and I’ve got dark skin. I’ve got braces, so I don’t love smiling… I’ve got shoulder-length, brown, super curly hair and brown eyes. Who am I? a) b) c) 12) I’m Tom, I’m 28 years old. I’m Irish. I’ve got short, red, straight hair and dark eyes. I don’t like them, I just prefer green eyes. I’ve got an oval face and a lot of freckles, like my grandma. Who am I? a) b) c) 13) I’m Tessa. I’m 31 years old. I’m Afro-American so my skin is quite dark. I’ve got hazel eyes and long, brown hair. My favourite thing are my dreadlocks. I love them! I also have glasses, but I don’t wear them. I’ve got a beautiful tattoo on my shoulder. It’s very cool! Who am I? a) b) c) 14) I’m Yulin. I’m Japanese. I’m about 20. Last year I had long, brown hair, but now I’ve got short hair with a nice fringe, like my favourite singer! I’m short and slim, I have got a small, round face. My eyes are brown and I don’t wear glasses. Who am I? a) b) c)


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