PRESENT CONTINUOUS FOR FUTURE: OUR AGENDA (Planned with date, time, place, details, tickets), Events we are attending (we have a ticket), Social arrangements already planned in our agenda, Planned trip (we have date, tickets, reservations), TO BE GOING TO: Something that is about to happen soon, Prior decisions or plans (made BEFORE the moment of speaking), Predictions (based on concrete evidence), WILL: Predictions without evidence (based on our personal opinion), Instant SPONTANEOUS decision (taken WHILE speaking), To express a future fact (certain), To make a promise (positive or negative), To make an offer (unplanned, instant made), Uncertain future plans (w probably, maybe, perhaps), To talk about something in the future not depending on our will. It will happen no matter what!, To express a refusal or a threat/warning, To make a request or invitation (WILL YOU…?), PRESENT SIMPLE: Timetables (Train, plane, office, cinema etc…),




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