PRESENT CONTINUOUS FOR FUTURE: OUR AGENDA (Planned with date, time, place, details, tickets), Social arrangements already planned in our agenda, Planned trip (we have date, tickets, reservations), TO BE GOING TO: Something that is about to happen , Decision or plan (made BEFORE the moment of speaking), Predictions (based on concrete EVIDENCE), WILL: Predictions without evidence (based on our personal opinion), Instant SPONTANEOUS decision (taken WHILE speaking), To express a certain future fact , To make a promise (positive or negative), To make an offer (unplanned, instant made), Uncertain future plans (w probably, maybe, perhaps, definitely), To talk about something in the future not depending on us. , To express a refusal, a threat or a warning, To make a request or invitation (WILL YOU…?), PRESENT SIMPLE: Timetables (Train, plane, office, shops, cinema etc…),


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