A: This suitcase is so heavy! B: I ______ (help) you with it! - will help, This time next summer, I ______ (sunbathe) on Miami Beach! - will be/am going to be sunbathing, We _____ (get) married on the 3rd of June at 5.30pm, we hope you can make it! - are getting, I'm tired of being poor. I _____ (look for) a new job. - am going to look for, A: Do you want to come to Dave's on Tuesday? B: I can't, I _____ (have) dinner with Sam. - am having, A: I'm running late and there's no more toilet paper! B: ______ I _____ (buy) some on my way home? - Shall I buy, My brother is having a baby so I _____ (be) an uncle in a few weeks - will be/am going to be, That boy is riding his bike too quickly. He _____ (fall off). - is going to, A: Can I tell you a secret? B: Of course! I _____ (tell) anyone! - won't tell, A: What time does their flight arrive? B: I'm not sure. I _____ (check) online. - I'll check, Meg didn't study for the exam so I don't think she _____ (pass).  - will pass/is going to pass, Did I tell you that we _____ (go) skiing next weekend? - are going, A: Is the air conditioner on? I'm freezing! B: Yes I think so. I _____ (turn) it off.   - will turn, I hate it when people take photos of me without asking me first. Promise me you _____ (do) that please. - won't do, A: Your girlfriend is really great. B: Yes she is, I _____ (introduce) her to my parents next week. - will introduce, Sorry I cant help you now, I _______ (go) shopping. - am going, Do you think you _____ (work) late tonight? - will work, What _____ (wear) for the party tonight? - are you wearing, I haven't decided what to eat for dinner but I _____ (think) of something later. - will think, Look at those big black clouds! It looks like _____ (rain)! - it's going to rain/will rain, She _____ (wait) for me to arrive at the station.  - will wait/is going to wait, Who do you think ______ (pass) the end of session tests? - will pass/is going to pass, They are always late so I don't think they _____ (arrive) on time. - will arrive/are going to arrive, He _____ (be) happy when he hears about that! - will be/is going to be, What time _____ (arrive) at the airport? - are (you) arriving,

EC I1 M1 1B Complete the sentence with the correct future form


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