I love you so much Francesca. Will you marry me?, I’m sure they won’t be at home tomorrow. It’s Sunday., Maria phoned you. Oh really? I’ll call her back after dinner!, Thanks for the money. I will pay you back on Friday!, Probably my sister and I will spend our summer holidays in Italy, You won’t like that film. TheRock is the protagonist. Let’s choose another one!, I think Marcel won’t go to the cinema with us tomorrow evening. , If you eat all the cake, you will feel sick!, Will you help me with this exercise? It’s too difficult for me!, I think Brazil will win the next World Cup., If you do it again, I won’t help you!, Don’t worry, I will pay everything if you don’t have enough money, Coffee or tea? Uhmmm I’ll have a tea with milk, please., It’s Marta’s birthday next week. She will be 18.,


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