1) I did my homework________________ I am a fantastic student. a) because b) or c) but 2) It was sunny outside____________________ we went out for a walk. a) but b) so c) because 3) I was late __________________ the bus didn't come. a) and b) but c) because 4) I went to the shop____________________ bought some chicken for dinner.  a) and b) because c) so 5) I opened the door __________________ the postman knocked it. a) but b) and c) because 6) Ahmed ran fast __________________ he still missed his train.  a) but b) because c) so 7) My friend was very happy yesterday _______________ it was her birthday . a) as b) so c) and 8) I like apples _____________________ I don't like oranges. a) but b) because c) and 9) We could go to Cardiff ______ we could go to Bristol.  a) so b) or c) but 10) I didn't have breakfast _____________ I am hungry now. a) because b) or c) so 11) We could visit my sister on Saturday morning ______ we could go shopping first. a) or b) because c) as 12) I had a busy day, ____________I was tired in the evening.  a) so b) because c) but 13) The children played cricket ___________ they went swimming. a) so b) as c) and 14) I went to the bank _______ it was closed when I arrived.  a) but b) because c) so 15) It was too hot ___________ I opened the window. a) but b) because c) so

Entry 2 Conjunctions - and, so, or, but, because / as


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