1) I didn’t ____ the answer to the last test question yesterday. a) know b) knew c) knows 2) A: Are you busy now? B: Yes, I ____. a) are   b) was c) am 3) How many people ________ at the meeting last week? a) were b) was c) are 4) I ____ a new pair sunglasses last Saturday. a) buy b) bought c) buys 5) Why _____ Mr. and Mrs. Smith at home last night? a) weren't b) don't c) aren't 6) Do you ______ it will rain later this afternoon? a) thought b) think c) thinks 7) I _____ go shopping last night because I was too tired. a) wasn't b) am not c) didn't 8) Did Patrick and Tom ______ to school last week? a) go b) went c) goes 9) _____ you at the company meeting last Tuesday? a) Was b) Did c) Were 10) Where ______ Kelly go to high school last year? a) is b) was c) did 11) Did Tommy _____ the last cookie from the cookie jar this morning? a) took b) take c) takes 12) A: Were you at work this morning?  B: Yes, I _____. a) were b) was c) am 13) My little brother ______ cartoons every Saturday morning. a) watch b) watches c) watched 14) Where _____ you and your family travel on your last vacation? a) were b) did c) was 15) Who ____ your science teacher last year? a) were b) was c) did 16) James wasn't on the basketball team before, but he _____ now. a) was b) did c) is

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