(do) _____ you watch a movie last night?, I live in a house, but my friend (live) ______ in an apartment downtown., A: Do you ____ (study) English? B: Yes, I ____. (do), What ______(do) your brother do last weekend?, Sam and Julie still (like) ____________ their jobs at the library., Did you (buy) ____________ a new television last week?, Why (be) ____________ Stephane late for work yesterday?, In Canada, it always (snow) ____________ in winter., Where did you (eat) ____________ dinner last Thursday?, (A) (be) ____________ you busy last night? (B) No, I (be) ____________. , The store (do/not) ____________ open yesterday., Brazil (be) ____________ a very large country. , The train already (leave) ____________ an hour ago. , I (be) ____________ twenty years old. Next year, I will be twenty-one, Where (be) ____________ the coffee cups? I can’t find them., Sam is at home. He still (do/not) ____________ want to come with us., Giraffes (eat) ____________ the leaves off tall trees. , What time (do) ____________ you (get up) ____________ this morning?, My family and I (fly) ____________ to Peru last year., Thomas always (watch) ____________ cartoons on Saturday mornings. I do, too!.

Tenses Review: Simple Present and Simple Past(


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