1) Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, ...? a) doesn't he b) isn't it c) doesn't it 2) Sam and David are studying in the library, ...? a) isn't he b) aren't they c) doesn't he 3) You and I are late for our English class, ... ? a) aren't we b) aren't I c) do we 4) Excuse me, your name isn't Thomas, ...? a) don't you b) are you c) is it 5) There are about 200 countries in the world, ... ? a) aren't there b) isn't there c) doesn't it 6) Today is Monday, ... ? I think our English test is tomorrow. a) don't we b) isn't it c) doesn't it 7) Malaysia and Indonesia are both located in Asia, ... ? a) are they b) aren't they c) do they 8) Why isn't Sarah here? She 's not sick, ...? a) does she b) isn't she c) is she

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