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Canolfan Gwybodaeth i Dwristiaid / Canolfan Croeso - Gives information to customers on the local area, its attractions, amenities and transport links, Cyfnewidfa dramor  - Offers currency for a variety of international destinations, Gwasanaethau ategol  - Extra service a tourist might require, such as car hire, travel insurance, upgrades and airport parking , Adloniant - Many tourists require entertainment such as children’s clubs , Cludiant - Rail, air, sea and road transport, Llety - Required for overnight tourists. Options could be a hotel, guesthouse, chalet or youth hostel, Marchnata - How a company advertises and promotes its business, Y Cymysgedd Marchnata - A combination of factors that can be controlled by a company to influence consumers to purchase its products., Twristiaeth Arbenigol  - A holiday specialising in something e.g. Winter sports , Trefnydd teithiau - Creates holidays packages to be sold to customer, Cynrychiolydd Gwyliau  - Represents the tour operator. Works in the resort , Atyniadau - Places for tourist to visit, such as castles, theme parks, museums etc., Digwyddiad - Events are put on to attract tourists or to mark a special occasion, Teithio a thwristiaeth - This includes day trips in the UK or travelling overseas, Twristiaeth Gynaliadwy    - Environmentally friendly and culturally friendly tourism , Cyfathrebu - How you connect with people. You can communicate face to face, over the phone or in writing,

Strwythur y Diwydiant Teithio a Thwristiaeth - Travel & Tourism


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