BREAK A LEG! - Good luck!, IT'S RAINING CATS AND DOGS - Heavy rain , IT'S A PIECE OF CAKE! - It's very easy, TO GO NUTS - To become very angry or go crazy, TO FEEL UNDER THE WEATHER - To feel sick, TO BREAK THE ICE - To make someone feel more confortable by going up and talking to them, I'M ALL EARS! - I'm really interested in hearing what you have to say, WE'RE IN THE SAME BOAT - We have the same problem, WHEN PIGS FLY - Something that's extremely unlikely to happen, AS HAPPY AS LARRY - To be really, really pleased, MUSIC TO MY EARS - Good news, TO SLEEP LIKE A DOG - To sleep deeply, COUCH POTATO - To be a lazy person, HOLD YOUR HORSES - Wait a moment, COST AN ARM AND A LEG - Something is very expensive, BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH - You are very nervous, YOU ROCK! - You are amazing,


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