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Exercising means you can eat pretty much whatever you want - False, Hair that is shaved off grows back thicker and darker - False - changes colour, Sweat is made from a lot of chemicals which smell - False - 99% water, BO caused by bacteria, Hands and feet grow first then the body catches up - True - hence clumsiness, Men have deeper voices because their voice box is bigger - True, Pubic hair indicates onset of puberty - True - it is one of the many indicators but it can also be caused by other hormones, Girls hips get wider during puberty - True, Onset of puberty in girls is getting younger - True - the age is getting younger over the centuries, Eating fatty foods causes acne - False - hormone changes result in spots, Boys only get erections when they are sexually excited - False, Girls should not use tampons until they are older - False, Girls should not play sports during their period - False, Washing more often is necessary during puberty - True, Males and females go through a growth spurt during puberty - True, Cramps are caused when the vagina contracts - True, All women experience pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) - False, Acne is common - True, Washing your skin regularly can help reduce spots - True, You can only get spots when you are a teenager - False, You can havave mood swings - True, The redness of spots is caused by bacteria - True,

True or false puberty

by Anonymous


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