1) What time was it? a) morning b) afternoon c) evening 2) What were Peppa and George doing? a) dancing b) playing 3) What was mommy doing? a) cooking b) working c) cleaning 4) What was daddy doing? a) vacuum-cleaning b) working c) reading 5) what is the powercut? a) when there's no music b) when there's no electricity 6) what did they need to see in the dark? a) a phone b) a torch c) a candle 7) who has found the torch? a) daddy b) mommy 8) where was the torch? a) in the basement b) in the hall c) in the kitchen 9) why is George crying? a) he saw a monster b) he saw a vampire c) he saw Peppa's scary-face 10) why did Peppa need a box? a) to make a ship b) to make a TV-set c) to make a car 11) Who's made a hole in the box? a) Daddy b) George c) Mommy 12) what type of show did Peppa do? a) Peppa pig news b) Peppa pig show c) Peppa pig film




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