Our plane ____ at 8:30 pm tomorrow. Michael wait! I ____ you to the station! They ____ to London on Friday evening at 7:45. We ____ to Maneskin’s concert in June, but we haven’t bought the tickets yet. Let me check… the restaurant ____ at 19:30 tonight. What time ____ tonight? It’s really hot here! ____ the window, please? I’m sure the baby ____ blue eyes, like her mother. Oh no! Look! That car over there ____! Hamilton ____ the race, it’s the final lap and he’s still leading! She loves London. Probably she ____ there next autumn. This is my last day here. I____ back home tomorrow. Look at the weather forecast. Tomorrow ____ sunny, but a bit windy. I ____ you if you say that swear word again! Mara ____ around Europe for a few months before starting university. Did you know that Josh and Sarah ____ next month?


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