1) They ______ watching a movie a) were b) was c) is d) are e) am 2) She was ________ her face a) washing b) washes c) wash d) washed e) have washed 3) _________ playing volleyball a) He is b) They were c) It is d) He was e) It was 4) ________ shining a) It was b) It is c) She was d) I was e) He was 5) He was ____________ a) laughing at the moment b) laughing when I saw him c) laughing now 6) He _______________ dinner when she arrived. a) were making dinner b) was making dinner c) is making dinner d) are making dinner 7) ______ were playing video games. a) He b) We c) They d) She 8) ______ was working in the garden all day a) I b) We c) You d) They 9) Were they playing hide and seek? a) Yes, they are. b) No, they wasn't. c) Yes, they were.




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