1) My friend and I __are chatting__________________________ (chat) online. a) are chattinng b) are chating c) am chatting 2) I ____________________________ (have) lunch! I can’t talk now. a) 'm having b) is having c) are having 3) My sister and I ____________________________ (study) in our bedroom. a) is studying b) are studying c) am studying 4) Marcus ____________________________ (chat) to his friend online. a) am chatting b) is chatting c) is chating 5) Frances and Joe ____________________________ (make) pizzas. a) are making b) are makeing c) is making 6) The children ........................ (watch) TV now. a) is watching b) are watching c) am watching 7) You ____________________________ (play) football in the garden. a) are playing b) are plaing c) is playing 8) Suzie ________ (study) in the kitchen. a) are studying b) is studying c) is studing 9) You ______(talk) to your uncle on the phone. a) am talking b) are talking c) is talking 10) Dan and Carla __________________________ (write) emails to their cousins. a) is writting b) are writing c) are writting 11) I __________ (have) a shower! I can’t talk now a) is having b) am having c) am haveing

English Class A1+ unit 3 zdania w present continuous




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