____ has often been seen as a ____ profession. However, there is no reason for this: engineers are simply ____ people who make our everyday lives ____. In fact research shows that women make the best ____ solvers. Engineers find ____ to problems that are important to ____. They control and ____ pollution, ____ new medicines, create ____ technologies and help ____ new worlds. They make the world a cleaner. safer, healthier place . They invent, build and improve everything from microchips to ____ appliances, from skyscrapers to spacecraft. Interestingly, the word "engineer" does not ____ the word "engine". In fact it ____ the Latin word "ingenious" meaning skilled. An engineer is really a clever, practical problem ____. Although the fields of engineering and science are ____ there are also ____. While a scientist will ask why a problem ____ or happens, an engineer will want to know how to ____ the problem. ____ one writer once said: scientists ____ in order to learn, whereas engineers ____ in order to build. There are all sorts of ____ in a variety of engineering ____ such as aeronautical, biomedical, civil, mechanical and computer engineering. Engineers work ____ or in teams, and in ____ such as offices, factories, research labs, outdoors and even outer space. We use a lot of the modern world's greatest engineering ____: a car, a computer, a telephone, a plane, medicines and so on.




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