1) They ________ (beat) us at football for the last five years. a) have beated b) have beaten c) beat 2) She __________ (become) manager of the factory in 1982. a) became b) become c) has become 3) ______ they _______ (bring) your books back already? a) Have they bring b) Did they bring c) Have they brought 4) We __________ (buy) a new house last week. a) buyed b) bought c) have bought 5) The police __________ the person who stole my purse. He's at the police station now. a) have caught b) have catched c) caught 6) We _________ already _____________ (choose) the new person for the job. a) already chose b) have already choosed c) have already chosen 7) Nobody _________ (come) to see me yesterday. a) come b) came c) has come 8) It was very expensive - it ________ (cost) a thousand dollars a) cost b) costed c) has cost 9) _______ (you not do) the washing-up yet? a) Haven't you did b) Haven't you done c) Didn't you do 10) Someone_______ just _____________ (fall) into the swimming pool a) just fell b) has just fell c) has just fallen 11) I __________ (feel) terrible when I woke up this morning. a) fell b) felt c) have felt 12) I __________ (find) some money in the street last night. a) found b) founded c) have found




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