1) Jackie never _________ coffee. a) drinks b) drink c) was drinking d) is drinking 2) Do you enjoy __________? a) swim b) swimming c) the swimming d) the swim 3) I'm looking forward to __________ on vacation. a) be going b) go c) going d) have gone 4) The doctor advised Mike to stop ____________. a) for smoking b) smoke c) smoking d) to smoke 5) She's going on a diet in order ____________ weight. a) for not gaining b) not for gaining c) to gain not d) not to gain 6) I'm excited ______________ starting my new job. a) about b) of c) for d) to 7) Maria is not used to ____________ alone. a) live b) lives c) lived d) living 8) Where did he use to ______________ ? a) live b) lived c) lives d) living 9) Emma is interested ______________ to college. a) for going b) in going c) to go d) to going 10) Collecting stamps _______ a popular hobby. a) are b) am c) is d) be 11) How _______rolls are there in a baker's dozen? a) much b) many c) a lot d) no 12) How _________ chocolate does an average person in Switzerland eat each year? a) many b) any c) much d) no 13) I saw ____________ people from my childhood. a) a lot of b) any c) much 14) John has already ________ this course. a) been taking b) taken c) takes d) took 15) The journalist hasn't finished the article ________. a) already b) now c) then d) yet




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