1) She _________TV in the morning. a) watch b) watches c) watchs 2) He _____breakfast at 6.30am. a) eat b) eats 3) I ______to work every day. a) walks b) walk c) walkes 4) We ______homework every week. a) does b) do c) dos 5) She ________to work every day. a) drive b) drives 6) They _______dinner at 7pm every evening. a) eat b) eats 7) Anna _____cakes every weekend. a) bake b) bakes 8) Peter ______his car every Sunday. a) washes b) wash c) washs 9) We ____ to music. a) listens b) listen c) listenes 10) They ______ by bus to work. a) travels b) travel




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