1) The pop star Michael Jackson died _____ . a) on 2009 b) at 2009 c) in 2009 2) Christians celebrate ______ Christmas . a) at 25 December b) on 25 December c) in 25 December 3) I don’t like driving ______ because it’s very dark. a) on night b) at night c) in night 4) ______, people believed in many gods. a) On ancient times b) At ancient times c) In ancient times 5) Rock and roll music became popular ______. a) on the 1950s b) in the 1950s c) at the 1950s 6) I’m really busy ______. Can you call me back later? a) on the moment b) at the moment c) in the moment 7) Are you going to see the fireworks display ______? a) on New Year’s Eve b) at New Year’s Eve c) in New Year’s Eve 8) Jack arrived late for work ______. a) in Monday morning b) at Monday morning c) on Monday morning 9) In Europe and the United States, most people do not work______ . a) at Sundays b) in Sundays c) on Sundays 10) I regularly go skiing ______ because it snows a lot. a) at January b) on January c) in January 11) Columbus ‘discovered’______ America . a) at 1492 b) on 1492 c) in 1492 12) If everybody speaks ______, we’ll never understand each other. a) at the same time b) on the same time c) in the same time




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