What ___ your favorite season? - What is your favorite season?, How ___ you spell your surname? - How do you spell your surname?, ___ you like dogs? - Do you like dogs?, What TV series ___ you watching at the moment? - What TV series are you watching at the moment?, When ___ your birthday? - When is your birthday?, ___ you often stressed? - Are you often stressed?, What kind of food ___ you like? - What kind of food do you like?, What sports ____ you like watching? - What sports do you like watching?, Where ___ you usually have lunch? - Where do you usually have lunch?, What ___ you do? - What do you do?, What ___ your favorite kind of music? - What is your favorite kind of music?, How many cousins ___ you have? - How many cousins do you have?, What do you think people in your family ___ doing at the moment? - What do you think people in your family are doing at the moment?, ____ you interested in politics? - Are you interested in politics?, What day ___ it tomorrow? - What day is it tomorrow?, Who ___ you usually have lunch with? - Who do you usually have lunch with?, ____ you like going to the gym? - Do you like going to the gym?, How many languages ___ you learning? - How many languages are you learning?,


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