What did you do as soon as you arrived home last Friday? (No sooner), What did you do when you got to class? (Hardly), What can’t you do during a flight? (Under no circumstances), Talk about an interesting book or film you'd recommend and why. (Not only), When did you last go to the Bahamas? (Not even once), Talk about a place you were amazed by (Never), Write a positive restaurant review and tell your partner., What will you do as soon as you leave school this afternoon? (No sooner), What did you do yesterday when you arrived home? (Barely), What did you learn from the news yesterday? (Little did I know), Tell your partner about something you have never done before. (On no occasion), What must you do if you want to pass your English exam? (Only if), Something cool you've learned this year. (Not until I enrolled in this class) , What should political parties do to win the next general elections? (Only by + ing), When did you learn an important lesson in life? (Only after / Only when), Tell a story using No sooner...than, Under what circumstances would you help a classmate during an exam? (Only if), Write a negative book review on Instagram and tell your partner. , Talk about an activity you rarely do. (Rarely), When would you be able to run a marathon? (Only after / Only if), What would you do if it was pouring rain? (Only if), Write a positive series review and tell your partner, Talk about a bad experience at a hotel/ youth hostel,etc. (Not only), You're running for President of the USA. Make a promise to your electorate. (Only if) , You're having an argument with your partner. Complain about their behaviour. (Never).


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