1) What is the best place to cross a road? a) dolphin crossing b) lion crossing c) zebra crossing d) penguin crossing 2) When should you cross at traffic lights a) whenever you want b) on red light c) on orange light d) on green flashing man 3) What is a useful piece of clothing to help you be seen at night time. a) helmet b) knee pads c) high visibility jacket d) jumper 4) Which word finishes the sentence- Stop, look, listen and  a) move b) run c) walk d) think 5) What is another safe place to cross a) bus lights b) traffic lights c) bicycle light d) fire lights 6) What colour is best to wear at night time to be seen clearly a) yellow b) blue c) black d) green 7) Where should you cross a road a) on a straight quiet road b) by the side of a hill c) on the corner of a busy road d) between cars 8) What should you do when you get in a car to keep safe a) put on a helmet b) put on a seatbelt c) have a toy d) eat crisps




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