1) My sister is ______ than I am. a) taller b) more tall c) more taller 2) I think Maths is ______ than PE. a) more easy b) easyer c) easier 3) This shirt is ______ than the shirt from H&M. a) expensiver b) more expensive c) more expensiver 4) Doctors are ___________ than clowns. a) more seriouser b) seriouser c) more serious 5) This soup is _______ than that soup. a) tastiest b) more tasty c) tastier 6) This room is ______ than mine. a) more colourful b) more colourfuller c) colourfuller 7) A blue whale is ________ than a dolphin. a) heavier b) most heavier c) more heavy 8) Iceland is ____________ than Italy. a) coldest b) colder c) more cold 9) This book is ___________ than I thought. a) boringest b) more boring c) most boringer 10) My mum wakes up _________ than me. a) earliest b) more early c) earlier 11) This show starts ___________ than cartoons. a) later b) latest c) more late 12) People walk ________ than in the past. a) more quicker b) quicklier c) more quickly 13) The service in this restaurant isn't ______ it was. a) as well as b) as good as c) as good than 14) She doesn't drive _______ her brother. a) as faster as b) as fast than c) as fast as 15) My friend's ____________. a) stronger than I b) more strong than me c) stronger than me


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