She's a professor ____ Harvard. My cousin is still ____ school- after High School, he took three gap years to travel. Is Susie still ____ school? I thought she was getting out early today. My house is the green one ____ the end of the road. My grandma lives ____ the fourth floor with no elevator! I don't know how she does it! Mom went ____ the house; she said it's too hot and humid for her liking. Are the kids sleeping ____ your sister's house tonight? I'll be ____ London all weekend for an urgent business meeting. I know it's late, but don't panic I'm ____ my way now! Carla is still ____ the train; it was delayed half way through its ride. I read the news ____ the Washington Post! Yes, I've heard about the incident- it was ____ the news earlier. Do you still reside ____ 155 Grove Street, by any chance? I don't live ____ Main Street anymore; I moved five years ago. Hey, are you still ____ the office? Call me when you leave. Do you work ____ an office? I don't see any prices ____ the menu.

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