1) Try-out to earn a spot on a team a) launch b) audition c) vault 2) To be true and real a) authentic b) August c) yawning 3) To teach (past tense) a) caught b) recess c) taught 4) To catch (past tense) a) hollow b) vault c) caught 5) A movement you make when you are exhausted a) yawning b) hiccup c) laughter 6) Something a gymnast or horse jumps over a) pyramid b) vault c) house 7) To carry a big load a) haul b) adult c) child 8) Rockets do this a) voiceless b) launch c) crawl 9) The 8th month of the year a) February b) April c) August 10) A public sale in which goods and property are sold to the highest bidder a) auction b) adjoin c) dawning

Vowel Team AU Vocabulary Quiz


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