1) Let’s take some sandwiches. I always get very _________ after a walk. a) hungry b) thirsty c) bored d) stung 2) It rained a lot and I got very ____________. a) cold b) wet c) hot d) sunburnt 3) It hurt when I got _________ by a bee. a) lost b) bored c) sunburnt d) stung 4) I need a map. I don’t want to get ____________. a) hot b) lost c) tired d) cold 5) She got ___________ on the beach. a) tired b) hot c) sunburnt d) lost 6) Let’s not go for a long walk. Grandad gets ______________very quickly these days. a) tired b) bored c) thirsty d) hungry 7) Why don’t we drink some water? We won’t get ____________ then. a) tired b) thirsty c) hungry d) lost 8) Can you open the window? It’s getting really ______________ in here. a) tired b) wet c) cold d) hot


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