1) What's your name? a) Susan b) three c) Italy 2) Where are you from? a) Italy b) Arianna c) ten 3) How old are you? a) three b) Arianna c) Italy 4) Have you got any brothers or sisters? a) No, I'm not b) Yes, I have c) No, I haven't got 5) How many friends have you got? a) Three b) On the table c) At home 6) Do you like English? a) Yes, I like b) No, you do c) Yes, I do 7) What's your favourite subject? a) Three b) Pen c) Maths 8) What is this? a) This a pen b) It's a pen c) It's red 9) What are you doing? a) I listening to the radio b) You is listening to the radio c) I'm listening to the radio 10) Are you Italian? a) Yes, I am b) Yes, you are c) Yes, I are

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