1) If you _____ (see) one magpie, you _____ (have) bad luck all day.  a) will see /have b) will see /will have c) see/ ‘ll have 2) It _____ (bring) good luck if you _____ (see) more than one magpie.  a) bring /will see b) will bring /see c) will bring /will see 3) If you _____ (open) an umbrella inside the house, it _____ (bring) bad luck .  a) will open /bring b) will open /will bring c) open /will bring 4) If you _____ (find) a spider in your house, someone _____ (visit) you soon.  a) will find /visit b) will find /will visit c) find /will visit 5) If you _____ (say) goodbye to a friend on a bridge, you _____ (never see) each other again.  a) will say /will never see b) will say /never see c) say /will never see 6) You _____ (not get) unwelcome visitors if you _____ (put) a brush behind the front door.  a) won’t get/ put b) won’t get/ will put c) don’t get/ will put 7) If fishermen _____ (not put back) the first fish they catch each morning, they _____ (not catch) many fish that day.  a) won't put back/won’t catch b) won't put back/don’t catch c) don’t put back/won’t catch

P4 16.3 ex6 first conditional Quiz


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