1) If I _____ to bed right now, I _____ to get up in the morning. a) don't go / 'm not able b) don't go / won't be able c) won't go / 'm not able d) won't go / won't be able 2) I _____ some ice cream later if the cafe ____ still open. a) buy / is b) buy / will be c) 'll buy / is d) 'll buy / will be 3) You _____ your driving test if you _____ to wear your lucky ring. a) pass / won't forget b) pass / don't forget c) 'll pass / won't forget d) 'll pass / don't forget 4) We ____ my dad after the party if we _____ a lift home. a) 'll phone / 'll need b) 'll phone / need c) phone / 'll need d) phone / need 5) If anyone _____ where my brother is today, he _____ in big trouble when he comes home. a) will find out / 'll be b) will find out / 's c) finds out / 'll be d) finds out / 's 6) You _____ cold if you _____ this sweater on. a) won't feel / put b) won't feel / 'll put c) don't feel / put d) don't feel / 'll put




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